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Have You Settled With Inferior IT Support For Your Business?

In modern business, regardless of your industry, you need the best IT services to thrive. From productivity, to security, to communication, to innovative new ways to get work done – information technology is at the heart of it all. BIOS Technologies offers services and solutions that are designed to improve your operations and maximize your IT investment.

Reach out to BIOS Technologies to discuss the right IT services for your unique needs. Contact our team at or (504) 849-0570 to learn more about our services and what they can do for your business. 

  • Managed ServicesWe understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we offer a wide range of packages to provide the exact level of care and services you need. Our team helps you plan strategically for your future, to ensure you’re always working with the best solutions to improve your workflow. Features of our managed services include active monitoring, network and email security, comprehensive support, and more.
  • Business Continuity: Modern businesses need to be ready for any disaster. BIOS Technologies prepares your company for any emergency that could affect your IT infrastructure, whether it be a natural occurrence, cybercrime, power outages or human error. By developing effective policies and procedures, we can help you and your staff operate effectively and efficiently during a crisis. BIOS Technologies keeps your data up to date, secure with tested and automated backups to ensure that in the event of a natural disaster you can continue to access your systems and files.
  • Strategic IT AdvisoryBusiness is demanding, and you need to be able to provide your full attention to the work you’re doing. Our IT consulting services give you expert guidance and ensure you’re always making the best investments and decisions to guarantee a long and successful future for your operations. With your specifics in mind, we help you to develop long term IT plans that take into account important factors like your budget, projections, customer and employee needs and business goals. Ongoing assessments of your IT infrastructure will guarantee that it can always support the changes your company undergoes.

Take your business to the next level with innovative, effective, and unique IT services designed to maximize your capabilities. Get in touch with BIOS Technologies at or (504) 849-0570.  

David Williams

BIOS Technologies’ mission is to deliver superior IT support to the SMB market in the New Orleans Metro Area. We focus on companies that understand the business/security risks of unmanaged technology and want to maximize efficiency and profitability.

David Williams

October 08,2015



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